Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Well, we have arrived!! After a full 27 hours of being in airports and on airplanes, we arrived in Sydney at 7 am on Monday the 8th (Sydney is 10 hours ahead of Tallahassee). The plane rides really weren't bad at all, dad and I made the best of them and I watched a bunch of movies. Planes are so advanced these days. We each had our own TV on the flight from LA to Sydney that had TV shows, movies, games, news, and even a web cam that was on the outside wing of the plane where you could watch the plane take off, land, and just cruise through the air!
As soon as we got here we headed to the hotel to check in then straight to the famous Sydney Harbour where the opera house and bridge are! Sydney is BEAUTIFUL! I kept telling dad that it reminds me of a mix between the big city feel of New York with the harbors of San Fransisco. There are so many different harbours and coves and areas of Sydney that are all so unique!

                                                                Me at Sydney Harbour
                                                               The Harbour Bridge!
The Opera House!!
We took a ferry around the harbour and then up to the Taronga Zoo! This was one of the coolest zoos I have ever been to! I love zoos so dad and I had a good time at this one. The reason this one was so cool is because they are so laid back about everything. There is one part called the "Outback walk through" where you literally are in the same "cage" with kangaroos, koalas, emus, wombats, and all sorts of birds! They also have just huge exotic birds just walking around everywhere and they come right up to you!
The next day, dad and I visited the Sydney Maritime Museum that had the history of the Australian Navy so we went through that and then got to tour an old Australian Navy battleship, submarine, and even the boat that made the first landing on the Australian coast called "Duyfken". Dad is big on museums and boats so it was fun to tour these with him! It always amazes me how much he knows about all sorts of boats. He was giving the tour guide a run for his money!!

                                                    This is the view from Taronga Zoo!!
                                                           Dad fighting a seal.... haha
              A sweet little Kangaroo and her little baby joey!! This is literally how close we were to them!
The Battleship and submarine we went on!
Our hotel is right on a different harbour called Darling Harbour which has a ton of restaurants, the largest IMAX screen in the world, and some shopping! This is where we have been coming alot because it is on the water and has so much to do! From here we walked to the Sydney Fish Market where they bring in all the seafood from the coast to get cleaned and sold! Dad and I are going there for lunch so I will keep you posted on how it compares to Florida seafood!

Darling Harbour
Overall, it has been a great transition! I think dad and I are finally caught up on sleep! The only complaint I have is what dad and I are calling "The diet coke issue". As some of you may know I drink ALOT of diet coke. I will stop my day just to drive to zaxby's or steak n shake to get a large fountain diet coke, sometimes even twice a day its that bad. Well here in Australia, it is not easy to get diet coke in large quantities! haha Every time I order one it costs an arm and a leg and they usually serve it in a little 8oz glass bottle. So luckily we are making due and I stop in just about every McDonald's we can find to satisfy my diet coke need!
So that's about it for now! We fly to Cairns tomorrow which is the tropical part of Australia and where the great barrier reef is!! I don't think I will Be able to sleep tonight I will be so excited! Keep checking back for updates!! Love and miss ya'll!


  1. I am so glad yall are having so much fun! Can't wait to see pictures and hear more about it! love you

  2. Hey Roomie!! I love this blog! I am so excited to keep up with your trip:) Post pictures!!

  3. This is so exciting!! I'm so glad you guys are having a blast. It sounds like SO much fun!! I can't wait to see pictures!

    And good luck with the diet coke, I know how much that means to you haha