Monday, November 21, 2011

Startin back up!

So, I'm back. I absolutely LOVED blogging while in Australia and swore I would keep up with it and so I guess 6 months later.... here I am! It is crazy to think that has already been 6 MONTHS since my Australia visit! It seems like just yesterday I was graduating and over in the land down under. Time really does fly by!! Here is a little catch up on my life to brig us all up to speed!

One of the reasons I haven't blogged in a while is because I have been SO  busy! I am currently in my first year of teaching! I teach AP Psychology, intro to psychology, and world history at Leon High School here in Tallahassee. I cant say this enough, but I am SO LUCKY. I am absolutely enamored with Leon High school. The kids, the faculty, my cheerleaders, just everything. It is the perfect place for me and I seriously count my blessings every days because Leon High School is truly a blessing! Along with teaching, I am also the Varsity cheer coach and sponsor! My girls are perfect and they keep me laughing everyday.

Also, my sister got MARRIED in October!! It was a perfect, wonderful, beautiful wedding and everything was just perfect! I am so happy for her and it was such a fun time and I loved getting to see all my family! My new brother in law is the best. He really isn't just perfect for my sister, he is perfect for my whole family.

Now that I am a graduate and a working girl, I love trying new things! Since I am REALLY busy during the week (1st year of teaching is NOT easy!) I leave Wednesdays as "my time". I usually try out new recipes and cook dinner on Wednesdays!

If that wasn't enough going on, I am also living in my new apartment! (well, kinda new!) I live in a place called The Tennyson that is RIGHT downtown in Tallahassee and only 2 blocks from Leon! I lived here my freshmen year in college but now I feel like it is truly my first "grown up" living! So I am in the process of trying to fix this place up!

So there it is! My crazy, busy, wonderful life! Pretty much that is everything I will be blogging about. My meals, my designs, my job, my cheerleaders, my family... just about everything!

So besides being a "catch up" blog! I thought I would show you all some pictures of my "cottage style/ grown up" bedroom! It is definitely still a work in progress but here is what I have so far!!

My bed spread- Pottery barn!

Dad and I made my head board out of an old window and crown molding!

My Picture frame shutter I crackle painted for a "shabby chic" look!

This is the part that is still in progress. This is above my white distressed desk. I am going for that organized cluttered design but obviously I need pictures that fit and more "clutter". 

My bedside table! I found this table in Thomasville and am in love with it!! I need a bigger lamp... next paycheck maybe ;) 

So hopefully from here on out I will continue to blog!! Tonight my roommate and I are cooking for some friends so maybe I will let you know how that goes! 

xoxox- Libby