Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Fun

Well here it is! 2012!!! 2012 is definitely going to have some competition because 2011 has been such an amazing year filled with lots of exciting adventures! Just a little recap of 2011 before we move into another exciting and fun-filled year! In 2011:
* I graduated College!
* I went out of the country for the first time and traveled Australia for two weeks
* My sister got married which led to me getting a brother :)
* I started my career as an educator
* I competed in my last cheerleading competition ever :(
* I became a Varsity Cheerleading coach

Those are just a few of the MAJORS, but through all the ups and downs, I am very happy to say that I had a great 2011.

New years always make me reflect on the past year and it really is a time to see how blessed I am. I am so thankful to be at this place in my life, surrounded by everyone that surrounds me. Sometimes I wonder if I am growing up too fast or experiencing too many things at once but I wouldn't change anything about the path I am on because I know that it is the right one :) I look forward to what 2012 has in store for me!!! 12 is my favorite number, so I am expecting big things!!

New Year's Resolution: To blog more. I picked this because it is one I have never done before, (I don't know how many times i've said I will work out more, I should know by now that never lasts) it is a very positive resolution, and it is also a very achievable resolution. Win, win right?! Why not record and share all the exciting things going on? I will be glad I did this one day!

Tomorrow is my last day of break and I am very upset about it. Now don't get me wrong, I am still very much in love with my Job but this break has just been TOO wonderful! I got to spend a lot of time with my family! On Christmas Eve, My sister and Jordan (Brother-in-law) had my family and Jordan's whole family over for christmas eve dinner! It was so fun to be able to share their first ever Christmas eve together with them! After, I stayed with them and we had a little Christmas Eve sleepover! Ya see, Sister and I have NEVER been apart on a Christmas eve so Bruhder (That is what I call Jordan) said I could stay! So the three of us snuggled up, watched the Santa Clause 2 (Katie and I's favorite christmas movie ever) and waited for Santa! It was perfect!
                                  Sister and I at her house on Christmas Eve
                 Sister and Bruhder's house all ready to serve Christmas Eve dinner! (And their first tree!)
                           Sister, Bruhder, and me on Christmas morning at my parents!

Another good thing about my break was my high school friends. I have been blessed with a wonderful group of friends from high school. A lot of people dread coming home and seeing their high school friends but our group is still all best friends and we make a point to get together every chance we can! I love all of my friends I met in college and all along the way, but there is just somethin' about my high school group that just makes me so happy! This year, along with a few other outings, we had a bonfire the night after Christmas and it was wonderful!
           Me, Bailey, and Victoria at the bonfire!
                                    Bailey and I at the bonfire!

Also, this break has been good for relaxing, something I don't get to do very often! I have been taking full advantage just laying around and not doing much of anything. The most exciting part of this is that I finally had time to catch up on my reading! I usually read every night but when I am teaching, I usually only fit one page in until I am fast asleep so I finally got to read the series "The Hunger Games". Let me tell you, if you haven't read these books yet, they are AWESOME. I read all three of the books in two days! The first movie comes out in March and I am very much looking forward to that!!

Happy New Year!!!!