Saturday, May 7, 2011

First Post!

Finally, I am a blogger! I have wanted to have a blog for the longest time but haven't really had the time or too many things to blog about but I thought now that I am graduated from college (WAHOO!),  it's summer, and I am traveling to Australia, I feel that now is the best time! I am still new to this so please bare with me as I try to get all technological on ya!

So to kick off my first post here is what I have done in the past week! First, I graduated college! A bunch of my family came into town and we had the best time celebrating at my favorite bar, Kens, the night after I graduated! 

Also, this past weekend one of my best friends, Shawn, came in town on a break from dental school! I love when Shawn comes to town because we are two peas in a pod and there is only one thing we think about: fishing. Luckily one of our good friends Taylor took us out on his boat! We got off to a rocky start at first seeing as the boat lift was having technical difficulties so Shawn and I had to work on out tan and our buzz while the boys cleaned and tried to fix the problem! Luckily Skip, Taylor's dad, saved the day and we got to go out on the water for a little bit to catch some bait fish! 
You would think just catchin bait fish would be safe and harmless right? WRONG! While Shawn was being a sleepy little bow bunny, she got woken up by getting nailed in the head with a pyramid weight on the end of a sabiki rig and ended up bleeding from her head! I am glad she is ok but it was quite funny to witness.... 

They went out again today but unfortunately I couldn't go this time because I am currently on a plane to AUSTRALIA!! For my graduation gift, I asked for a trip for just my dad and I to go to the land down under! This has been a trip we have both dreamed of doing and now was the perfect time!! For weeks Dad and I have been singing songs about Australia, talking the aussie lingo, and planning our trip and I cant believe it is finally here!! I hope to keep you all posted through this blog on our adventures so keep checking back!!

xoxoxo, Libby

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  1. Love the shout out Libs, you are so cute! SO proud of your blog and I loved hearing about the beginning of your trip! Sounds amazing! Can't wait for the photos! I'll check later :)