Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birthday in the land down under- part 1

G'day blog mates!!!! As some of you may or may not know, today is my birthday! Wahoo I am the big 22!! Since Australia is 12 hours ahead I am taking this time to milk my birthday to the fullest!! The way I see it is that I really have 36 hours of birthday fun! haha When I told dad this the only reason he agreed is because it was raining alllll day today :(. Earlier in the week Dad asked me what I wanted to do on my birthday and of course there was only one response: FISHING. Unfortunately due to the 30-35 knot winds and the rain this was out of the question and it is a shame too because this is the boat we were going out on:

But of course we still made the best of it! We had breakfast together and then I talked dad into getting a pedicure with me!! This was a WILD experience because dad always says "I don't want a pedicure I like my man feet" everytime I ask him to try it so seeing him get pampered was sooo funny! I almost lost it when they were scrubbing his feet with the pomus stone because he is super ticklish like me!! He may not tell you but I know he enjoyed it ;).
                           (he might kill me for this picture as well..... hahah)

After getting pampered, there is really only one other thing to do in the rain...SHOP. Luckily I found the Cairns mall! I think dad knew about it but would always steer me in an opposite direction.... but none the less, I found it! I tried on a few things and it was fun to shop around but once again I only bought one thing, a Pandora charm! Here is the one I got to signify my Cairns leg of our Australian adventure:

I got the fish because of all the fish we saw on the reef and for the fact that if I couldn't fish on my birthday then I was going to "catch" one in some way! haha After we shopped we decided to have lunch and a few beers to celebrate!!!
                        (XXXX Gold is apparently what all the Queensland people drink (so our waitress told us the first day so dad and I are just blending into the local culture.... ;))

That is where we decided to cut off my Australian birthday, and tomorrow night we will pick back up to celebrate my American birthday! (Thursday night in Cairns is a much better night for live music and entertainment). To leave y'all, I will end on some pictures from the day:
                          The big 2-2...geez I'm gettin old! haha
                    Nothin better than starting the birthday off right with a fountain diet coke! (please take note that this is the biggest size they sell and it was $3, AND I hadn't had a fountain one in about 3 days so this is a big deal!! haha)
                    This is dad being silly and fighting off the wind...aka Mariya
                   When its raining in Cairns there is only one thing to make it better... ice cream. The lady at the shop knows us.... tragic or awesome? I'm going with awesome.

Keep your fingers crossed by some miracle the weather clears up either Thursday or Friday so we can go on our fishing adventure but the odds aren't in our favor :( Miss you all.... For those who are in Tally, Be ready to celebrate my birthday when I return, Kens/HCB style.


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