Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas cheer!

So my last post was all about starting my blog back and how I was going to be so much better about it, and finally, here I am 3 weeks later updating it! haha Maybe the new year will really put me into blogging gear!

Everything has been going so good, but there have been some changes! My roommate, Courtney, got a fantastic job offer in Washington D.C. and so she just moved up there last week! While I will miss her very much and I am sad to no longer have a roommate, I know she is going to do fabulous up there and have such a wonderful experience!

Things have been sooo busy with school! I am trying to get all my kids where they need to be before leaving for the holidays and grading paper after papers! It's funny to think that I LOVED grading papers when I was a teacher aid all through high school and now I dread it because there is SO much of it! But, as always, school is so great. It's getting to a point that when I am around my sister she has to say "alright, I've heard enough about how great Leon is, shut up!!" It truly is all I think about because everything about it makes me SO happy! Today I even played in a student vs. faculty basketball game. I have never played basketball a day in my life but I had SO much fun today! One of the things that I like MOST about Leon (I have to say most because I seriously like everything... haha) is the involvement. Not only with the faculty, but the students! Not only were there over 25 student participants, there was a BIG turnout. I was always very involved in everything in high school and always felt like I was the only one who cared about all the "high school" things and so to see these kids get into things and truly have a high school experience puts a huge smile on my face! I am truly exactly where God intended me to be!

Since it is the Holidays, I had to decorate my classroom a little bit! I would have liked to have done more but being a first year teacher and cheerleading coach, there is not too much extra time to think about decorating my room for Christmas... and my kids think I'm a little nuts! haha What I mean by that is that even though I am a high school teacher, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree of my elementary teacher family! I love to decorate my classroom and wear bows and talk to my senior like they are 5 sometimes but it is all In good fun! When I decorate my kids always say "You would do that". haha It cracks me up!! I like to think I am keeping them young ;) I am sure throughout the years I will accumulate more and more things but this year I made two door hangers! My sister, mom, and I are Pinterest junkies and decided to make the CUTEST burlap door hangers! We started off just playing around and then what do you know, we are selling them! My sister does the base painting, mom puts hem together, and then I add all the lettering!! Here are some pictures of some that we have done:
                                                        Santa hat on my classroom door!
                                                             Ornament on my white board!
                                      Some of the orders we have completed!!

We have had so much crafting and I am sure there will be much more over the break!! My cheerleaders go to FHSAA regionals next week and I have 2 Christmas parties so stay tuned for more updates on life with Libby, because I'm just lovin' it! :)