Monday, May 16, 2011

New Adventures!

Well today dad and I decided we would tackle the open road! I say tackle because the Aussies here drive on the left side of the road, and the cars are all set up so the driver sits on the right side of the car! It was quite the experience, but dad and I of course made the best of it. He drove first, and we drove from Cairns to Port Douglas which is about 65 miles north of Cairns! The trip up was beautiful! The road twisted and turned all along the coast and through the mountains of the rain-forest and it was alot of fun!! Port Douglas is alot like Cairns but less "rustic". There was a main drag nestled in between the beach and the boat docks with alot of shops and restaurants! I was so excited to actually see a beach!! There are alot of beaches north and south of Cairns, but none right here and Bondi was WAY to cold in Sydney, so it was really nice to be on one today! Unfortunately it was again VERY windy and pretty cloudy so we were only on the beach for a short second and the swim flag was red! But we had lunch and walked around all the shops and visited the boat docks! I drove on the way back and boy was it an experience! I felt like I was doing something wrong the whole time! Also, the blinker is on the right side of the wheel and on American cars it is on the left and so every time dad or I would go to turn the blinker on, the windshield wipers would shoot on! I got annoyed when dad kept doing it but then I quickly realized when it was my turn to drive that it was harder than it looked not to..... Dad started keeping count on who did it most and we made jokes the whole time so we had a ball! On the way back we stopped at a few "scenic" spots to take pictures and the  once we were back in Cairns we headed to dinner and now we are calling it a night! Here are some pictures from our day on the open road:
                        On the beach in Port Douglas
                      Dad looks buff in this picture ;)
               Didn't turn out too good hahah "captain and the first mate...AUSTRALIA"
                       The boat docks in Port Douglas
                   About to tackle the Aussie roadway!
                                 The view from our drive!


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