Friday, May 13, 2011

"I think we're finally here"- Dad

The title couldn't explain it any better! As we flew over Cairns and saw the beautiful blue water and the sunset over the mountains of the rain forest dad looked over at me and goes "boo- I think we're finally here" and boy was he right! Cairns is the Australia we have dreamed of going to! It is a quint little town with lots of character all focused around the water. You can walk everywhere and down every corner is a cute little beach cafe, surf shop, dive shop, or tourist shop! It reminds me of an Aussie style key west minus the bums and roosters....haha. The main drag is called "The Esplanade" and it is a boardwalk that runs along the water. On the esplanade there is what they call a "lagoon" which is a huge swimming pool right next to the water. This place is ALWAYS crowded. There are "barbies" aka BBQ's available for anyone to use, the pool is public, and there is usually live music from what I can tell! Both mornings we have been here thus far dad and I have gotten up early and walked through the esplanade to the marina to check out all the boats going out that day and scoping out which reef encounter we wanted to go on! We also found a fun little cafe called 12 bar cafe which is right next to what we call "the shroom" which is a huge bandshell looking mushroom thing that is a stage and sound area! Dad and I sat at the cafe and listened to live music for a few hours yesterday afternoon and we had a ball. Like me, Dad is a sucker for live music and local musicians so we bought the guys CD. He was pretty good but has nothin on Michael McCloud!! (for those of you who don't know who Michael McCloud is, he is dad and I's absolute favorite live entertainment in the Keys at a bar called The Schooner Wharf!!) Basically it has been a low key past few days for us! I have been by the pool, dad has been watching golf, and of course we walk down by the water a few times a day! I will leave you with some pictures but keep looking back because tomorrow we are diving the Great Barrier Reef!! I am SOOO excited, this is seriously going to be a dream come true!! Hope America is treatin y'all well!
                                       The view from the boat docks!
                                             The boat docks!
                             I will take this as a sign I am meant to be here....
                          Dad and I at 12 bar cafe just listenin' to some music!
                          "The shroom" with the live entertainment :)
                                       This is part of The Esplanade
                                       "The Lagoon" on The Esplanade
                         One of the many beautiful views from The Esplanade
                  We stopped to take a few pictures after our morning walk along the water! Low tide for sure.


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