Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stuck at the Sydney Airport....

G'day Mates! Yesterday was the first day I actually heard that and I wanted to squeal! haha Well dad and I are now stuck at the Sydney airport :/. Our flight to Cairns which was scheduled for 7am got cancelled and so the next one out isn't until 3:30 so here we are for the next few hours! For those of you who don't know dad gets realllly cranky when there are airport issues so it was a very eventful morning for us but once we got him some coffee, me some breakfast (and a diet coke ;)) we are doing better. I just see it as the perfect time to catch up with everything and everyone in America and update my blog!

So yesterday, dad and I ate at the fish market!! This was our second time going here (the first was early in the morning and we didn't feel like eating) so we had to try the cuisine! It was very.... interesting! They call shrimp "prawns" and make lobster with this cheesy mix baked into it! It was all really good and I am glad I got to try it but I think I will stick with Florida fish prepared by dad with our secret tarter sauce. We decided to try the fish bites, fried prawns, the lobster with the mix, salmon, and fries. The salmon was soooo good as was the lobster! They had a sauce called "fish dip" instead of cocktail sauce and I don't think I even want to know what was in it but it was pretty good. It was just a really cool experience.
                                             Here is all the stuff we ordered to eat!
                                       One of the many fish counters
                         Another fish counter!
After lunch, I talked dad into doing some city exploring which really means shopping in my language. I am very proud to say that I only bought one thing, a pandora charm! Instead of buying lots of touristy stuff I decided I'm going to get a pandora charm for each different city we visit! I got my pandora bracelet from my parents for my 21st birthday and since then have received many meaningful charms such as one from my sister when she asked me to be her maid of honor as well as a garnet and gold one and a football on my last home game cheering! So I figured buying charms would be more meaningful than a t-shirt! Here is the one I got for Sydney:
I bought it in this beautiful shopping center called the Queen Victoria Building! It is an old victorian building (go figure) that they turned into a shopping mall. I don't know why I didn't think to take a picture of the place but the inside was just gorgeous. There were wrought iron spiral staircases, eclectic architecture, and beautiful crown molding detail everywhere! Luckily for me, Sydney has all their fall fashions out so I don't feel a need to shop for anything because it is all boots, sweaters and dark colors! 

After shopping, we went back to the hotel to rest. Dad isn't much of a shopper so I think the hour we were out did him in! Then, last night we went to see Sydney's rendition of the Broadway musical Jersey Boys!!!!! I have grown up LOVING musicals and my family and I go to them all the time! One of the ones I had never seen was Jersey Boys! My family got to go when we were all in New York city in Thanksgiving of 2006 when I was in the Macy's parade but I was in rehearsals when they all went and all I have heard about is how it was every ones favorite so seeing it last night was wonderful!! I absolutely love the music from the 50's, 60's, and 70's  and that's all this was! It was songs from Frankie Valli the 4 Seasons like "cant take my eyes off of you", "walk like a man", "sherry" and "bye, bye baby". It was the perfect way to end our leg of our trip in Sydney!

That's about it for now! Keep checking back because things are sure to get exciting because Cairns is not only the "gateway to the great barrier reef" but it is also a rain-forest and a high class fishing area!! 


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